News, views and interviews about the trends, tactics, techniques and technologies of CX, call centres and the global BPO sector.

Episode #18: Sean Wright – Unlimited passion for BPO

Episode # 17: Special Edition: BPESA BPO/GBS Conference 2023 : Snippets

Episode #16: A Cocktail to Delight: An interview with Clinton Cohen, CEO of iContactBPO

Episode #15: An interview with Joel Walker – Real BPO Experience that shows

Special Episode #14: Live from The House of Lords: CX, AI and BPO in the UK Retail Sector

Episode #13 Henriette Potgieter: Real Experience shows

Episode #12 Franco Cotumaccio: Sustainable Job Creation for South Africa’s Youth

Episode #11: I chat with Alister Niederer about ESG in the BPO sector

Episode #10: A chat with Cheryl Paarwater: Infectious Energy – Making a massive impact

Episode #9: Rinos Mautsa: A Pioneer in the CX and BPO Industry, and an Entrepreneurial Visionary

Episode #8: Talking BPO and IA with Simon Kriss. Australia’s CX Guru

Episode #7: Michelle Clifford on Speech, Accents & Accent Neutralisation Training

Episode #6: I chat Mark Angus: Outsource & BPO to Africa : A Continental Objective

Episode #4: Exploring CX Horizons with Mark Hillary: Interesting insights on AI

Episode #3: Role Reversal. Traci Freeman interviews Rod Jones.

Episode #2: One Agent – One Child (Nutun CX BPO in association with Mellon Educate)

Episode #1: My interview with Peter Ryan