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Henriette’s View on Speech Analytics

Extracts from the Rod’sPod episode with Henriette Potgieter, Calbi’s Customer Success Executive

Henriette currently holds the position of Customer Success Executive at Callbi Speech Analytics. She and her team are also responsible for the on-boarding and training of Insights Analysts for well over 120 Callbi customers. Here’s what she had to say:

How she sees her role at Callbi

“As a Customer Success Executive, my primary responsibility is to shepherd clients through a seamless and valuable journey from the moment of sign-up. This involves comprehensive training and upskilling initiatives to equip clients with the necessary tools and knowledge for success. My commitment extends beyond mere onboarding; the job is not considered complete until the client begins to realise tangible benefits. I am dedicated to ensuring that clients not only understand the full potential of the product but actively experience and appreciate its value. Through proactive engagement and continuous support, I strive to foster a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, where the client’s success is at the forefront of every interaction.”

Her passion

“My passion lies in guiding companies towards excellence, specializing in call centre best practices and Business Intelligence coaching. With a deep understanding of effective leadership development, I am dedicated to holding hands throughout the implementation journey, ensuring a seamless and transformative experience. My goal is to empower organisations to optimise their call centre operations, enhance business intelligence strategies, and foster strong leadership skills. Through personalised coaching and a commitment to continuous improvement, I aim to drive positive change and help companies reach their full potential in the dynamic landscape of modern business.”

Her mission

“My mission is to empower individuals and clients through the transformative capabilities of speech analytics. With the capacity to uncover insights across a million calls in seconds and the ability to comprehend every conversation, irrespective of language, speech analytics provides full visibility with regards to contact centre performance. In an environment where traditional Quality Assurance (QA) roles might fear job security concerns, I advocate for a shift, elevating QA positions to the role of Insights Analysts. This not only optimises the use of human resources but also opens doors for richer and more strategic contributions. Prior to the adoption of speech analytics, QA analysts’ insights often went unheard, even by their managers. Now, armed with the power to create meaningful business intelligence, the boardroom actively listens to the valuable contributions these individuals bring to the table.”

Great successes with speech analytics

“My focus on identifying and delivering on a tangible value metric proved to be very fruitful in one of our client’s Proof of Concept (POC) I led, resulting in remarkable cost savings close to R2.5 million based on silences and reducing idle time and inefficiencies. I believe in a holistic approach to improvement initiatives, leveraging comprehensive strategies to identify and zone in on areas that require enhancement. By painting a real and detailed picture of the current state, I ensure that every effort is targeted towards generating measurable and impactful outcomes. This commitment not only validates the effectiveness of my initiatives but also underscores my dedication to achieving substantial and quantifiable value for the organisation.”

Challenges and restraining factors in the industry

“One of the primary challenges I encounter is the hurdle presented by a lack of depth in the level of skill within the call centre industry. To address this, I am committed to building a pool of call centre experts who share the same passion for excellence. However, I am mindful of the dangers associated with promoting agents into team leader or supervisor roles prematurely, without adequate training and support. Recognizing that engaged employees are crucial assets, my strategy revolves around ensuring their professional development and job satisfaction. By investing in comprehensive skill-building initiatives and offering the necessary support for those transitioning into leadership roles, I aim to not only overcome skill-related hurdles but also foster an environment where engaged and skilled employees remain committed to the organisation for the long term.”

The impact of AI on jobs in the South African contact centre industry

“The integration of advanced technologies in various industries, particularly within customer service, is viewed as a progression that is far from replacing jobs. Rather than eliminating roles, these technologies accentuate the necessity for human engagement, particularly in certain interactions where individuals prefer speaking to a human counterpart. The evolving landscape ensures that jobs become more meaningful, focusing on handling complex queries and providing nuanced solutions. The aim is not to eradicate jobs but to streamline processes by automating routine and transactional tasks, leaving room for human expertise to shine in areas that demand emotional intelligence, creativity, and intricate problem-solving skills. This symbiotic relationship between technology and human involvement aims to enhance overall efficiency while making jobs more fulfilling and centered around the unique capabilities that humans bring to the table.”

Final thoughts

“The most fulfilling reward in my professional journey is witnessing the transformative impact of upskilling on individuals and the broader business landscape. It’s akin to seeing a lightbulb illuminate as we collectively close gaps and foster substantial growth. Through dedicated efforts to upskill people, I find immense satisfaction in not only enhancing individual capabilities but also contributing to the overall prosperity and resilience of the business. This dual reward of witnessing personal and organisational growth is a driving force in my commitment to continuous learning and development.”

If you want to get in touch with Henriette, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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