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Callbi makes speech analytics easy

"Speech analytics has
become essential to all
contact centres - it's no
longer an option or a

What makes Callbi Speech
Analytics different?

Callbi makes speech analytics accessible to all
contact centres, large and small.

Easy to deploy, browser-based,
no integration required

The biggest problem with most speech analytics solutions is that you get stuck with a difficult-to-use product that cripples you with technical challenges instead of improving your operations. Callbi removes this barrier, allowing you to focus on gaining insights and driving change in your organisation from what you’ve learned. Callbi’s success advisor guides you through the speech analytic implementation process, without requiring significant training.

Easy to use, made for and used
by contact centre professionals

Our software comes preloaded with a number of generic queries, eliminating the setup of your insight KPIs (queries) from scratch, and provides you with generic business KPIs (goals) to make sure you measure and realise value using speech analytics in
your organisation. You can cancel with one month’s notice if you don’t get value.

Easy to afford, simple pricing structure

With no significant upfront costs, no long-term contracts and low monthly subscription charges, Callbi makes it possible for even smaller contact centres to adopt this leading-edge technology. A three-month Callbi pilot costs less than the salary of one contact centre QA agent.

30+ expansive languages, dialects and accents

Our software caters to more than 30 global languages, including key English dialects specific to the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. It also includes isiZulu, Sesotho, Setswana, Afrikaans, Swahili, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and more.

6 great reasons to deploy
Callbi Speech Analytics

Compliance and securityIcon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • Cloud-based speech analytics for contact centres
  • Deployed in AWS datacentres and platforms
  • POPIA, GDPR and ISO compliant
Fast results Icon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • Analytics available in less than an hour after upload
Monitoring and analysisIcon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • Analyse, QA and score 100% of calls
  • Identify individual and group training or coaching needs
  • Drive improved performance with accurate insights
Backed by the Alphawave Group
Icon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • 25-year track record
  • Developers of leading technologies for global industries
IntegrationIcon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • Rest APIs for integration with other applications such as PowerBI, Excel and web applications
Global coverage and support Icon_Accordion PLUS BlueIcon_Accordion MINUS Blue
  • Global partner network spanning 5 continents
  • Deployed in AWS datacentres and platforms in Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Europe and the United States

ISO27001 certified and committed
to privacy and data security

Maintaining trust, essential to build sustainable business

Callbi is ISO27001 certified, which focuses on risk management and data security.

Callbi understands how important the security and privacy of your data is. Ensuring our platform remains secure is vital to maintain the trust of our customers and essential to build a sustainable business.

You can view our certificate here.

How Callbi Speech
Analytics works


Interaction recorded

Customer conversations are recorded and easily accessible.

Upload sound files online

Schedule automatic uploads of your call
recordings into Callbi using a Chrome
internet browser. No additional software
or hardware is required.



The recording is automatically transcribed into text in the required language or dialect. 


The easy-to-use Callbi Query Builder is used to craft
queries that scan 100% of all calls from the call transcripts. Specific words or phrases, present or not present in the calls, are identified and flagged. 

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Analytics dashboards and data export

Fully customisable Callbi dashboards visualise the results of queries to quantify and highlight identified insights.

Call recordings are also accessible directly from dashboard cards and can be tagged and forwarded or escalated as workflow items.

Complete call transcripts, as well as all query results and dashboards, can be exported in .pdf or .csv format for use in other downstream applications such as Excel or PowerBI.

Success advisor

Receive guidance from a Callbi success advisor
that will ensure you can retrieve accurate,
dependable insights and track strategic
business goals.

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Operational insights

Analysing the data will give you operational insights that can lead to direct business improvements.

Callbi Success


Inbound services

Problem Identified
Callbi analytics indicated significant inefficiencies in overall call-handling processes and techniques in this contact centre, resulting in inordinately high AHT.

Applied solution and results
After Callbi-based interventions were introduced, AHT was reduced by 17%, operations were able to reduce agent headcount and substantial savings are expected.

  • 17% reduction in AHT
  • Agent headcount reduction
  • Significant expected savings per annum



Problem Identified
In the first week of using Callbi, management in this company identified that agents terminated 80% of sales calls without following prescribed objection-handling scripts, call guides and training.

Applied solution and results
Appropriate disciplinary action, revised processes, scripts and training interventions were implemented together with additional Callbi-based monitoring. Within 60 days, sales revenues have increased by over 15%.

  • Revised processes, scripts and training
  • 15% increase in sales revenues within 60 days


Problem Identified
Callbi identified significant post-call silent time in this call centre indicating large-scale agent abuse.

Applied solution and results
Culprits were quickly identified and appropriate disciplinary action was taken. Cost savings to the operation estimated to be significant.

  • Significant estimated operational savings per annum

What our
say …

Speech analytics made easy

“Speech Analytics has become
essential to all contact centres – it’s no
longer an option or nice-to-have”

Easy to deploy

Easy to use

Easy to afford

Easy anywhere