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Saigen Names Callbi as Exclusive Global Partner for Contact Centres

Saigen has signed an exclusive global partnership with Callbi to offer speech analytics to contact centres. The partnership gives Callbi exclusive world-wide rights to target, sell and use Saigen’s speech recognition system in the contact centre industry.

Callbi is built on Saigen’s speech-to-text technology, powered by artificial intelligence and the latest machine learning techniques, for accurate speech recognition. Through a cloud based web application, Callbi enables call centres to very easily import and search call centre recordings for insights to improve business operations.

Speech analytics is a powerful and essential tool when it comes to improving competitive advantage for contact centres. With hundreds of thousands of hours of voice recordings, businesses have the ability to gain intelligence and improve performance from sales to debt collection, training and performance, as well as customer and employee satisfaction.

Callbi and Saigen’s partnership, focused specifically on speech-to-text for contact centres, has already seen between 70 and 90 percent agent-side speech accuracy in this industry in South Africa. Callbi is an affordable alternative, priced per agent, making it an ideal solution for contact centres recording and gaining insight from every conversation.

Callbi has become the leading vendor for speech analytics in South African contact centres – with more than twice as many customers as all other competitive speech analytics products combined in South Africa.  Callbi has also recently expanded into Australia and is exploring options in other markets.

Saigen’s AI-powered speech recognition system was developed over several years, with generous sponsorship from among others, the HLT unit from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture. The investment was made as part of the Official Languages Act of 2012 to promote the use of the 11 South African languages. In October 2017 Alphawave, a specialised technology investment group, recognised the potential of voice in the market and helped to further develop the technology before combining it with Callbi to specifically target the contact centre industry.

In 2017, Saigen signed an exclusive partnership with Novus Group for TV and radio media monitoring in South Africa – delivering up to 95 percent accuracy. Novus Group monitors more than 2, 000 TV channels and over 2, 500 radio channels across the globe 24/7, 365 days a year.

Saigen continues to seek new markets and applications where voice can add a competitive advantage.’s “Speech Analytics Market Report 2021-2026” reveals the industry is expected to grow at the rate of 20.3% CAGR by 2026.

“Voice is the most natural and preferred mode of communication by humans. While not mainstream yet, we’ll all soon be talking to our coffee machines, our homes, our cars, our TVs, etc.,” said Charl Van Heerden, CEO at Saigen. “There are over 6500 languages being spoken out there today, so this is a good field to be in if you want a job in 10 years’ time.” ​​​​​​​

If you are interested in speech analytics for contact centres, request a demo from Callbi today.

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