AI-enabled speech analytics transforms contact centre quality and compliance

Artificial intelligence-driven speech analytics opens the door to intelligent insights and smarter engagements that allow for improved customer interactions The world has moved out the office and into the home. Remote working and a growing customer trust in virtual and online engagements have transformed how companies connect with their customers and manage their interactions. As […]

The business case for speech analytics

Customer experience is evolving, and more than ever contact centres need to keep up to date with modern technologies to remain relevant and competitive. Speech analytics is changing the way that contact centres operate by providing extremely powerful features that enables this critical customer contact point to deliver far better service, and resolve queries faster. […]

Translating context: the power of the human voice

Discovering the depths of conversations through an in-depth understanding of language pathology and human engagement The human voice can become the organisation’s most valuable asset – understanding it, interpreting it and using it to transform communication, collaboration and business insights. As customers increasingly learn to vote with their feet in competitive markets, it has never […]