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Harnessing Speech Analytics to Boost Call Centre C-SAT

Boosting Your Call Centre’s C-SAT: The Art and Science of Customer Satisfaction Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could easily measure every facet of your contact centre, flatten it out in a graph and make all your great leadership decisions based on these numbers? Smooth sailing all the way instead of row row row your […]

Charting a Course to Contact Centre Success with C-SAT Scores and Speech Analytics

Could minor adjustments based on C-SAT scores increase efficiency, staff contentment, and overall call centre improvement while also reducing costs? The answer lies in a seemingly simple metric: your customer satisfaction (C-SAT) score. Imagine your contact centre as a ship. C-SAT scores are your compass, guiding you towards calmer waters, happier passengers (customers), and a […]

Measuring the ROI of Speech Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

speech analytics return on investment

A Guide to Measuring the ROI of Speech Analytics When it comes to speech analytics, determining the return on investment (ROI) is crucial for businesses looking to leverage this technology effectively. To stay ahead of the curve, contact centres are now using speech analytics solutions to gather valuable insights from customer interactions. Implementing speech analytics […]

AI in Contact Centre Management – Limitations & Capabilities

In the fast-paced evolution of contact centre technology, the allure of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a remedy for all operational challenges is a myth. While AI brings transformative capabilities, it’s crucial to dispel the notion that it is the single answer to every woe faced in contact centre management. Understanding both its limitations and capabilities […]

Remote Contact Centre Management – The Benefits and Considerations

The landscape of contact centre management has undergone a remarkable transformation, with the increasing trend of remote work. In a paradigm shift from the pre-COVID era where 100% in-office work was the norm, today’s telecommunications business, in particular, has witnessed a drastic shift towards the work-from-home model. With the majority of individuals seamlessly operating from […]

Henriette’s View on Speech Analytics

Extracts from the Rod’sPod episode with Henriette Potgieter, Calbi’s Customer Success Executive Henriette currently holds the position of Customer Success Executive at Callbi Speech Analytics. She and her team are also responsible for the on-boarding and training of Insights Analysts for well over 120 Callbi customers. Here’s what she had to say: How she sees […]

Optimising Contact Centre Management By Reassessing The Measurement Of Average Handle Time (AHT)

Average handle time (AHT) remains a vital metric for contact managers looking to optimise their operations. Traditionally, measuring AHT posed significant challenges for contact centre managers. However, the introduction of speech analytics introduced a simple, but very insightful, method of monitoring this metric.  In this exploration, we will be unpacking the traditional AHT measurement methods […]

Improve ROI In 2024 By Re-Evaluating Your Contact Centre Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) has always been the bedrock of excellence in contact centres, ensuring that customer interactions meet predefined standards of service quality.  Traditionally, measuring QA posed numerous challenges for contact centre managers, leading to inconsistencies, limited insights, and missed opportunities for improvement. However, the introduction of speech analytics has ushered in a paradigm shift […]

Contact Centre Management: Improving KPI Measurement

Transforming The Way You Assess The Success Of Your Operations Many businesses stick religiously to gut feelings when it comes to KPI measurement. And for decades contact centre managers have relied on traditional methods to gauge KPIs. The problem? It’s wildly inaccurate, outdated, and it’s costing you. Over the last decade, speech analytics has transformed […]