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Maximising Contact Center Performance

How Callbi Speech Analytics Provides 100% Call Coverage and Deep Insights  Contact centres are constantly pressured to deliver excellent customer experiences while maintaining operational…

Case Study: iWYZE Improves Operational Performance With Callbi’s Secure, Cloud-Based Speech Analytics

Traditional monitoring with tick sheets and spreadsheets used to be the only way of managing call centre quality and compliance. But when you consider…

Achieving 100% Quality Assurance with Callbi Speech Analytics

How to Ensure Every Conversation Meets Your Standards  Quality assurance is a critical component of any contact centre’s operations. By monitoring and assessing 100%…

Achieving 100% Call Coverage with Callbi Speech Analytics

How to Monitor Every Conversation Across Multiple Languages Monitoring and analysing 100% of all customer interactions is crucial for contact centres to drive operational…

AI-enabled speech analytics transforms contact centre quality and compliance

Artificial intelligence-driven speech analytics opens the door to intelligent insights and smarter engagements that allow for improved customer interactions The world has moved out…

The business case for speech analytics

Customer experience is evolving, and more than ever contact centres need to keep up to date with modern technologies to remain relevant and competitive….